I blame it on the stress

I have gained 10 pounds since February 3rd.  I know the date because that is the day we met with our realtor to list our home for short sale.  Multiple offers, above asking.  We thought we would have more time.  I read article after article about how long it took people to sell their home.  That they didn’t pay their mortgage for months and months.  I guess we were the lucky ones.  We closed in 11 weeks.  My realtor was ecstatic, we were not.

The list of to-dos was overwhelming.  Look for a job, go on interviews,  pack, have a yard sale, create a new budget, do our taxes, find an apartment, sell some furniture, have another yard sale…

My “cheatends” became my coping mechanism for everything else that was going on in my life.  Sharing a large pizza, eating a 9 in cheesesteak, trying out the new burger joint, McDonalds for breakfast, eating an entire box of Nut Thins in one go.

My Monday through Friday didn’t change, except I started my new job on April 1st.  Which actually put me in front of a desk for 6-8 hours.  I think my butt didn’t know how to react to that.  I did add another workout to my schedule, but I started slacking on my weight lifting.

I stopped weighing myself daily because I didn’t want to accept what was happening.  I don’t think anyone else has noticed the extra pounds, except my husband.

I stood in front of my mirror naked today and decided that I am not going to accept this new version of me.

I have learned new ways of coping with stress.  I preach it daily.  I know how to break this weekend habit.  I did it for over a year.  I know that I can’t eat whatever I want anymore.  My body tells me this every time I put that crap in my body.

I am blaming it on the stress.  We have gotten through the worst part.  I found a job, we sold our house, and we moved.

Now it’s time to focus on ME again.






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