Thursday night dinner/dance party

It’s the same thing every week.  I leave for Jazzercise at 6:35pm.  Class is from 7-8pm.  After class I stand in the parking lot and chat with my friends.  I then rush home to shower so we can start the dance party.  I mean dinner.

While I am at class, Jamey creates a playlist and starts prepping for dinner.  Black beans warming on the stove and a tortilla waiting to be toasted in the toaster oven.

He turns up the tunes and I start making the omelette.  It’s always the same.   I turn on the stove to heat up the pan.  I crack the eggs in a bowl and whisk them with a fork.  I then add fresh cracked black pepper and whisk some more.  I add butter to the pan and swirl it around.  Its a non-stick pan so it doesn’t really need the butter but I like the flavor.

I forgot to mention that we are jamming out to the tunes.  It’s a dance party.  So there is some booty shaking, head bobbing, a few Jazzercise moves and I don’t know how to describe what it is that Jamey  does.  LOL!

Now I add the eggs to the buttered pan and sprinkle some garlic powder and more black pepper. Then I start cutting up fresh baby spinach and adding it to the top of the eggs.  Still dancing.

Now it is time to flip the omelette in half.  Still dancing.

Tortilla is done.  Jamey always adds too much butter and I have to tell him to ditch the rest.    (happens every week)

One last flip on the omelette and we are ready to plate.  I cut the spinach omelette into 5 even portions and then I scoop six tablespoons of black beans on top of the tortilla.  Still dancing.

When the song ends, it’s time to eat.

The best night of the week!




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