The birthstone for June is the pearl #Gemini


June Birthstone: Pearls

I am a Gemini.  Born on the cusp.  Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

My birthstone is the pearl and almost every year I am gifted jewelry with a pearl on it.  This was the first year that didn’t happen.  Possibly because I work for chloe + isabel.  I don’t consider myself a #pearlgirl.  But with our Luxe Links and Retro Glam collection you can be a true Gemini.  We have pearls for all types of Fashionista’s.  #rockerchic #sororitysister #ladieswholunch #pearlsforeverygirl

“Style is having fun, feeling good, and making no apologies.”

Are you a Chloe or an Isabel?  Chloe is always in search of the season’s hottest trends and Isabel appreciates the timeless nature of a beautifully crafted piece.  If you are a Gemini there is no reason to choose.  You can be both!

check out more #pearls @



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