Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

My husband and I ventured out after dark last week to see a friend of his perform stand-up at a local bar.  I perused the menu before going as we were to arrive just when my stomach starts to growl.

When we were paying at the door the emcee mentioned that the food was fantastic.  Bar food, really?

I ordered an iced tea once we were sat and I asked our server if it was fresh brewed.  I am a snob when it comes to iced tea.  She assured me it was.  Thumbs up.

As we were waiting for our friends set we had the opportunity to see several funny acts.  A common thread between all of the acts was a bit about drugs.  I am not sure why this stood out to me but I actually said it to my husbands friend.  He said at least you’re laughing and I want to hear you really laugh when I get up.   I am not just saying this because he is a friend, but he had the most laughs. Those laugh out loud, snorting laughs.  You know the ones where you miss the next joke and wish you had a rewind button.  He was by far the funniest.  Check him out, his name is Luke Hanbury.

Now I am beyond hungry.  I review the menu and there isn’t a lot of healthy options for me.  So I just say to heck with it and order whatever sounds good.  SO. Fried Fancy Chicken ~ free range chicken, sweet potato mash, braised kale, shallot bechamel.  Ok it has kale.  The superfood.  Sweet Potato Mash offers a lot of nutrients including vitamins A, C, iron and calcium.  So far so good.

I was the only one who ordered food at our table of 5.  It didn’t take long for the food to arrive.  When the waitress set the plate in front of me my mouth began to salivate.  I was too hungry.  I took a sip of my iced tea and then I took my first bite combining all of the ingredients from the plate.  My taste buds were going crazy.  The combination of flavors was a shock to my system.  I can honestly say that I didn’t come up for air.  I devoured the entire plate and if my husband wouldn’t have stopped me I would have picked the plate up and licked it clean.  I am not joking.  It was not lady-like in any form of the word.  The best version of fried chicken I have had in a very long time.

I actually can’t stop thinking about it.  I will need to go back to the and try it again, soon.

It was a great night out!  Great food, great friends and great comedy!


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