Direct Selling @ chloe + isabel

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling. Modern direct selling includes sales made through Trunk Shows, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as well as internet sales.  A textbook definition is: “The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs.” #wikipedia

In October I started working for this fabulous new start-up, Chloe + Isabel.  Chloe + Isabel is a dynamic and socially innovative jewelry brand designed to connect women through a modern-day social-shopping experience. A destination for fashion-loving, creative and confident women, Chloe + Isabel believes that today’s women deserve jewelry as exceptional as they are. In addition to providing customers with one-stop-shop for gorgeous jewelry, Chloe + Isabel is positioned to become the driving force behind developing highly motivated women of “Generation Net” into the world’s next great entrepreneurs. C+I Merchandisers receive a personalized online dashboard to create their own boutique shopping experience and earn commission on all of their sales.

I had been laid off for 6 months when I accepted this opportunity.  The buy-in was minimal and I loved the jewelry.  I also liked the Sales Development Manager.  I felt like I could really excel in this business.  I had a great group of fashionable friends and I knew that they would want me to succeed.  I booked my first Trunk Show right away.  And then several more after that.  I was ranking Top 5 in the company with sales from my online boutique and my shows.  I liked the fact that I could see my friends at their home and in the process meet more fashionable women.  The jewelry was the reason for the “get” but for me it was more.  It was a way to stay connected without spending money.  I was actually making money while I was hanging out.  After a few months my friends started canceling their shows.  Or they never set a date.  Or they postponed so many times I just stopped following up.  I think they felt like the only reason I was keeping in touch was to get them to host a show.  Not the truth.  We are still friends.  I am on a limited budget and that only means that going out to lunch and dinner and to the movies is outside of monthly budget.  My income is based on commissions.  If I don’t have shows, I don’t have income.  I have been looking for full-time employ and have not received an offer that is mutually beneficial.  So I take this job very seriously.  Posting on FB, Twitter and Pinterest daily.  I wear the jewelry and hand out business cards to anyone who gives me a compliment.  I strike up conversations with complete strangers.   In this business it means that you are social savvy.  A Socialista!  No need to apply if you are an introvert.

We are always looking for fashion-loving, socially savvy, dynamic, modern women. Our mission is to give you the tools and training to discover and grow the empowered, entrepreneurial you – ready for anything, prepared for a brilliant future!

Chloe + Isabel gives you the opportunity as a Merchandiser to create your own online and in-person fashion boutique business. We give you everything you need to get started – including the beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, and YOU create the experience.

It’s as easy as designing your customized e-boutique, curating a collection of your favorite jewelry, and hanging out with your friends online and at trunk show parties!

This month (March) Chloe + Isabel is offering $100 in FREE jewelry if you become a Merchandiser.  It is a great time to join, as the new collection arrives April 11th and you will want some of these pieces in your display.  You can read more about the opportunity here:

Or maybe you just want to make a purchase or book a Trunk Show.

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Be creative. Be confident. Be you.



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