My husband turned me onto this show last season.  He was so excited and actually counted down the days until it aired.  I was hooked after the first episode.

What is this show about?  First Season: You take a guy who doesn’t really care about global travel and send him on journey’s to see the 7 Wonders of the World.  Second Season:  You send the same guy on activities/adventures from other peoples Bucket List (Things to do before I die).

Why I recommend this show?  My husband and I watch this show together.  It is an hour long show, however during the course of the show we pause and discuss.  We laugh out loud and then have to rewind to re-watch and rewind to re-watch.  You don’t want to miss a second.  We try seeing ourselves in each scenario and wonder what our reaction would be to his journey.  The reactions Karl has to the different cultures is pretty much in line with my opinion except he actually follows through with most things that Ricky and Steve throw at him.  I am not a global traveler.  Seeing some of the basic things he has overcome just with the basics, (food, clothing and shelter) I don’t think I could do what he has done. Actually, I know I couldn’t do it.  The first season, food and bathrooms were a major point of contention for him.  Season 2 it is the actual adventures they send him on are frightening to the masses.  He has conquered some major fears of mine.  I think that is the point.  He is scared, fearful and still takes the plunge.  It is amazing that he can get there in his mind, much less have his body follow.  I love Karl’s perspective on the events.  Before and After.

BTW this is a documentary, done in reality television style.  The main character, Karl is a miserable bloke.  He is British and uses words and phrases that may need translating.  My husband is a long time fan of all things British so he has become my translator.  The fact that Karl always see things as the glass half full never gets old.  You will LOL at every miserable situation he is in.  He tells you exactly how he feels, without holding back.  Ricky and Steve know exactly how to push his buttons and you become fascinated by how far he goes with each challenge.

Last point: Watching this show has made me realize that what I know is so little in comparison to what is out there. I want to conquer the 50 states before I try going global.  There is enough to see in the US.

Wanderlust, the highway beckons.  



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