Read all about it #sodium

I reduced my sodium intake to less than 1000mg a day.  I had no idea how much sodium was in my daily intake until I started reading labels.  It was easier than I thought because I was no longer eating processed foods and I began adding other herbs and spices like garlic, oregano, basil, pepper, and thyme to my meals and leaving out the salt.  Once I started reading, I was shocked to see that I could consume my daily intake of sodium in one can of soup or chili.  It inspired me to start making my own so I could control what I was putting in.  I chose low-sodium or reduced sodium broth.  I chose fresh or frozen veggies over canned, which often contains added salt to increase shelf life.  Olives, pickles and other items that are packed in brine (pork) are high in salt.  And I don’t really have to mention fast food, do I?

Sodium increases your risk of high blood pressure which contributes to heart disease and strokes.  Sodium can also cause your body to retain excess fluid which makes you look puffy in your face and hands.

I learned that potassium counteracts your sodium intake.  Foods high in potassium are potatoes, apricots, spinach, raisins and bananas.  I have 4 dried apricots as a snack with my 7 natural almonds.

So the real point of this post is to stay healthy by eating fresh, non-processed foods and cooking your own meals.  If you want to stick with it, take your snacks on the road with you and read labels when you can’t.  Not sure, eat fresh unprocessed foods and build up your spice rack.  Who knows, you might find a new hobby.


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