Change is Good

October 2nd.  The day that started my new outlook.  I answered 2 craigslist ads that gave me a push in the right direction.  I guess it was more like a shove.

On October 12th I started my workout journey.  I answered an ad to lose 20 pounds or more in 4 weeks.  I was sure that if I treated this adventure like a job I would reach my goal.  I already blogged about this but what I didn’t blog about was the end of that journey.  12 weeks and 29 pounds.  My life is forever changed.  What I really learned is that anything is possible if you believe it to be.  It was hard work.  Really hard.  I had to be dedicated.  Whining about how tired and sore my muscles were was just a coping mechanism.  Total body muscle recognition everyday!  Not only was I spinning everyday, I was doing Pilates, weight training, Jazzercise and this new technique that worked your booty.  Reality of the last quarter of the year was I had to follow through.  I won a few awards.  Perfect Attendance and Most Weight Loss.  I treated this challenge like I would a job.  I jumped in and did the best job that I could.  I learned to cook.  I learned how to eat for my blood type.  I learned that small changes can make big difference.

The other ad I answered was a new part time job.  Started on October 14th.  I was on the fence about it but after meeting Staci, I really felt like this could be something BIG!!!  She was so excited about what was going to happen.  I was more interested in coming into a start-up that gave me the opportunity to grow without limits.  So I became a Merchandiser for chloe + isabel.  An opportunity for the fashion-loving and marketing savvy woman that I am.  It also gave me an opportunity to reach out to old friends and in the process meet new ones.  For the past 3 months I have made the TOP 5 sales list for the company.  I have been featured on the Merchandiser Spotlight on the main website and I have won a contest.  It has been very rewarding and I never thought of this as a career option.  I love creating the displays.  My days are spent thinking of new marketing ideas.  Styling my outfits before I head out and pinning on Pinterest.  I love the fact that I can set my own schedule and decide how much I want to earn each month.  But it isn’t the 6 figure income I was used to earning.

So as of today I decided I am going to mix my blog up a little.  I will still post personal adventures, but I am going to add recipes, fashionable looks, and suggestions to make your life a little healthier and more glamourous by using the Small Steps, Big Change motto.  I will credit the blogs and magazine and books I read.

Stay tuned…. as I wish everyone could be as happy in their life as I am right this minute.

Found this quote by Jillian Michaels:   What I’m sure of:  No matter how many amazing adventures I check off my must-do list, I’ll always replace them with more goals.


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