capital-B for Bonding

The first day…I kept repeating over and over that this is the next chapter.  What I didn’t know was this is how everyone else was feeling.  A room full of strangers all of them with a story of how they got here.  Everyone had a story but all we had to really say is we were too big for our britches.  Literally!

What I have learned about myself is that hard work and dedication isn’t enough.  You need a support system and the camaraderie of being on a team.  I saw this journey as a way to prove that I belong amongst the fit club.  I fell off the bike the first day.  The people around me shrugged and smiled and the class went on.  No harm, no foul.  you just get up, dust yourself off and continue.

If it wasn’t for this infomercial I don’t think I would have crossed paths with most of these women.  It’s refreshing really.  We are like a hodgepodge of kids, getting together to play.  HARD!  We have a song.  We share High 5’s.  We share recipes.  We hold each other accountable when we slip.  We are each other’s cheerleaders!

I, like many people have struggled with my weight for many years.  When the pants begin to feel snug I cut back on the dessert.  When I am feeling the stress of life take a hold of me, I go for a walk.  But 5 pounds turned into 10 which was quickly followed 20+.  This is when I knew that my lifestyle had to change.

I walked onto this path just in time for the holidays.  The big question everyone was asking, “How are we going to get through it without gaining weight?”  Hardwork, dedication and a great support system.  Not only to I have my fitness buddies, I have a supportive husband, family and cheerleader friends.

So I am at 10 weeks on this program.  I have lost 25 pounds and 7 inches from my waist.  I went from a size 12 dress to a small size 8.

I feel healthy!  I look great in jeans!  and I have made some new friends.

I call that WINNING!!!


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