A few weeks ago I hit a brick wall in my life.  I wasn’t getting called back from any job interviews, I stopped going to the gym, I started watching more television than anybody should.  I just felt uninspired.  So I decided to mix it up a little bit and I went to the fabric store.  Just the place for an un-inspired fashion designer to go.  I found a fabric and then I decided what I could make with it.  Getting back into sewing is not easy.  Threading the machine required a cheat sheet.  But I got through it and started working on my new dress.  That very day I received 3 e-mails from companies that wanted to set up phone interviews.  I was so excited.  I thought I should start thinking about what I could wear to interviews.  I thought I could even wear the dress I was making.   I spent the following day working on the dress as well and I ran out of navy thread.  The dress isn’t that difficult to make but now I have to make another trip to the fabric store.  I wanted to finish the dress so I could try styling it for a job interview if I ended up having a face to face.  Give me another option as most of my clothes no longer fit.

The next day as I was job hunting a listing caught my attention.  It said something like “Are you ready to shed 20 pounds?”  “Do you live in the Studio City area?”  So I kept reading.  All they asked for was a few pictures, age, weight and contact info.  So I went ahead and sent off my reply.   About 30 minutes later I get a reply asking me to fill out a questionnaire.  I still didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into at this point.  After I sent back the questionnaire I received a phone call.  The contact wanted to meet with me and discuss the opportunity.  She gave me the name of the gym and the company I would be working with.  I was excited!  I made it through the first step.  My story was interesting and I am attractive.   That was what the contact said.  So a few days later I met up with my contact and she took some shots of my face and of my rear end.  She informed me of the time commitment and asked me if I would have a problem seeing it through the end.

I had to wait about 2 weeks until I heard back from her but I got in on the trial.  She needed me to show up at the gym on Wednesday for a photo and video shoot.  I am going to be in an infomercial for a new at home device.  Training would start the following day.  So it is a 1 month commitment and they have 2 training times so that if I were to get a job I could still make it work.

I was under the impression that we would be working on this device everyday for an hour.  Ummmm, no!

They have had us spinning for 55 minutes.  Then and hour of either Pilates, body sculpting or using the device.  Two hours of intense training.  My body was in shock.  Day 2 they decide that we have to go on this new clean food program.  So different from what I was doing that I lost 3 pounds in 2 days.  I needed the weekend to recoup.  And I cheated.  I had fried chicken and it was so delicious.  They gave us a food journal and they told us not to eat chicken.  I had just got back into eating chicken after years of giving it up.  Now I had to try something completely out of my box.  No pasta, no dessert, no bread, no dairy, no coffee, no processed food etc…  All I kept hearing was NO the first few days.  But after a week I have tried some new things and they turned out pretty good.  My body is still going through detox.  I have nausea from carb withdrawal.  I actually googled “new diet nausea” to find out what was going on. Only natural when your body is off carbs.  21 days to a new behavior.  I know this to be true and I am riding this one out.  I want to share my experience with anyone who thinks they don’t have it in them.  I want to tell them that the muscle pain goes away.  It is only temporary.  Keep thinking of how great your buns are going to look.  I have struggled every day.  My husband has been my cheerleader.  He has even been eating dinners with me.  Now I can’t wait for the month to be over to tell everyone what I am not supposed to tell them now.  Plus my butt is going to look great in short shorts.

Now back to that dress.  I need to get some more interviews on the calendar.







One thought on “newness

  1. I hate to say it…but I TOLD YOU SO! There is nothing as great as the feeling you get from working out. All of the other stuff is icing on the proverbial cake!!! I wish we could be together to ride this out together. Take this and inspire people. That will become your motivation to keep going when you may want to stop. Others are now going to look to you for guidance and support. We were talking about our ‘roles’ during class today. Cindi is the complainer. Ling is the cheater. I’m the cheerleader. This is going to be you…I know it. So proud of you…as usual.

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