one fish, two fish…

Sometimes someone else’s story is worth sharing. Told from my perspective but it really isn’t my story.

I am in the kitchen assisting in the preparation of dinner for my family.  This weekend we have 12 people in Grey Gull (our summer home).  All of a sudden I hear yelling.  Not just yelling, but very loud repetitive obscenities.  I rushed out front and there is my brother cursing like a sailor at the platter of grilled Swordfish that has somehow made its way to the ground.  Shocked, does not describe how I am feeling in this moment.  He is still yelling.  More family members come outside to witness the haps.  Knowing how much money was spent on the fish, my sister-in-law picks up a spatula and exclaims, “we are eating it.  There is nothing wrong with it.  A little dirt won’t hurt us.”  I was already resolved to ordering a pizza but she wasn’t having it.  The kids were eating hamburgers and they were still on the grill.

Dinner is served.

My sister-in-law took the fish and scraped off some of the dirt and pine needles and then placed the platter on the table.  We all took a serving and began eating.  None of us saying a word.  My father-in-law had no idea what happened as he was not witness to my brothers rampage.  How it happened is anyone’s guess but it was all blamed on the hamburgers.  I guess my brother thought that if he didn’t need to make the burgers then he wouldn’t have had to make a separate trip into the house with the platter of fish.  Which he dropped on the ground.  My niece was not down with eating the swordfish so she requested a burger.  While my youngest niece wanted a bit of both.

I hate to admit it but the fish was delish!


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