a work in progress

Most of us become aware at some point that what we desire for ourselves falls short of who we have become, that we are not living the life we imagined.

“Revolution begins with baby steps, not with dramatic leaps.” ~Patrick Lindsay

I have been caught in a rut.  I tried to break out.  I explored a new path and now I am on the mystery tour.

I have no idea who said this “Do something you love and the real you will emerge.”  I went to a networking party a few months ago and during this event people got up and started telling everyone a new project they are working on or with.  Most of them were talking about ways they support the “green” movement but some of the people have taken what they do here to other countries.  Providing villages with jobs or clean water…

“The best careers advice to give the young is ‘Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”  ~Katherine Whitehorn

When I was in tenth grade I was pretty sure I wanted to be an interior designer.  I wrote a paper about it in english class.  My teacher asked me to see the guidance counselor to see what types of extracurricular activities I should start doing to get scholarships.  Once I realized math was involved, I bailed.  In third grade I received an “N” in math and it has held me back my entire life.  But nobody ever told me that I could change my perception.  I slept through my geography class in eleventh grade and had to go to summer school and I got an A.  I actually use math in my current career path.  I even found myself working as an interior designer.  Well sort of.

So in eleventh grade my passion for the fashion industry started.  I loved my Fashion Merchandising class.  I really enjoyed the fashion show production.  The planning and being a model.  I ended up taking FM2 my senior year and went to college for Fashion Retail Marketing.  Looking back on my career path, I wish I would have interned instead of worked.  I didn’t need to work.  My dad sent me a pretty great allowance.  I just spent most of it on alcohol and clothes.  It was a good lesson in money management.

I was seduced by the paycheck. If I was interning I would have been seduced by the fashion.  I would have had a different path.  I have no regrets, only trying to share that I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry since I was in high school.  Are you doing what you set out to do?  Did you follow your passion?  I just saw on FB that a friend from HS owns and italian restaurant.  Not what I thought he would be doing?  Not sure what circumstances led him on his path but I know that his exit ramp led him right where he is. As the successful owner of an italian restaurant getting ready to open another.

So here I am, unemployed trying to follow my passion.  I know my path might not be direct.  I may have to surrender ground to progress.  But I have a goal in mind and I am just going to have to adapt my means to suit the circumstances.

So this “time” I have been given has allowed me to expand my horizons and change my direction.

I am chasing my passion and it happens to be fashion.


One thought on “a work in progress

  1. good for you! i always hated the question, ‘where do you see yourself in xyz years?” Mainly b/c the road does change as you experienced. I was supposed to be a lawyer….then I wanted to be a teacher…who knew that would all change? I wanted 2 kids. I have one. Again, changes based on circumstances. I’m happy as I don’t think I really care about a career and am happy with a ‘job’. I work to pay my bills…not for fulfillment. My time outside of work is what fulfills me and I’m fine with that and I LOVE work/life balance. Not sure what I’d do if I ever had a job where I had to take it home with me. One of the reasons I’m now happy to NOT be a teacher.

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