portion control

With restaurants having to put the calories on the menu now I struggle to find something to eat.  All of my “go-to” meals far exceed 1200 calories.  I had no idea.  If they served their meals in portions it would get people familiar with what a serving should look like.  Cheesecake Factory is the worst offender.  Their portion size is absurd.

One of the reasons I like Trader Joes is their prepared meals are for 2 people.  Serving size 2.  You don’t really have to think about it.  Just split it down the middle and make more veggies because you will still be hungry.

This summer my father-in-law decided that his way to weight loss was to cut bread out of his diet.  But I watched him eat a row of crackers and cheese every night as an appetizer.  I told him over and over that the serving size was only 5 crackers.  But he was no longer eating bread so for him this was ok.

I read the serving size on packages when I cook at home.  I know how many of each snack food I can have.  When I started packing my husbands lunch for him and bagged his potato chip portion he said it wasn’t enough.  I proceeded to tell him that he will enjoy them more because he will savor each one.  My new favorite “lil something sweet” is pretzel M&M’s.  I know that you can have 17 in a serving.  I count them into a snack bowl and enjoy them one at a time.  If I decided to eat them from the bag I wouldn’t trust myself.  One more won’t hurt.

My friends husband started a company that is devoted to portion control.  http://www.lifesizeportions.com  I found out today that he will be on Dr. Oz later this month to promote his product.  How awesome is that?!

I have a few friends that have lost weight on Weight Watchers and a few that ate Lean Cuisine.  The Lean Cuisine eaters had a better understanding of portions because they read every label.

I think that is the first step.  Become aware of how much you are eating and then adjust accordingly.

And don’t forget to enjoy!





2 thoughts on “portion control

  1. if you do ww (points the way i did it) you have to know fat, fiber and calories so you must read every label to make sure the formula works. they have a new formula now but you still have to be aware of what goes into your mouth. the biggest eye opener for me when i started my journey was that i was eating 4 days worth of calories in 1. gross. learning to stop when you’re full is an art…especially when there is food on your plate. wasting food feels bad, but not as bad as splitting your pants or shopping for size 24 when you outgrow 22. but i will say it again…you can lose weight and not eat healthy. that’s not the way to do it, but neither is depriving yourself of your favorite foods. soooooo….EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!!!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Lifesize, Valerie! One of the things I realized when we first started “Lifesizing” was that the snack of brie and crackers I would have while making dinner every night was big enough to be dinner all on it’s own! Then, I would eat dinner… No wonder I was carrying around that extra ten pounds! Once we learned about portion control and made it part of our lives I started portioning out that evening snack and have lost and kept off that weight for five plus years.

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