A tribute to my threadbare companion from childhood and beyond…

We were introduced Christmas 1982.  He is a character from the Saturday morning cartoon “Shirt Tales.”   He is a walrus.  My dad had a hard time shopping for us as my parents were recently divorced.  He liked to put socks and underwear in our stocking to fill them up.  My father knew how much I loved stuffed animals as I had a bed filled with them.  He did the best he knew how while keeping Santa’s secret.

Wally wears a pink t-shirt that says Loveable.  So his nick name is Lovey.  But mostly he is called Wally.

He went away to college with me.  He posed for many portraits and was a centerpiece on my bed.  He has been on every trip I have taken.  Shoved into my carry-on just in case my luggage were to get lost.  I have had to sew up his tattered body more than once but he still the same Wally.  Older, yes but still a big part of my life.

When I introduced him to my husband all those years ago I thought I would get laughed at but he cares for him as much as I do.  Giving him a place of honor on our bed.  He is useful.  I use him to prop my Kindle up while reading in bed or my head while watching tv.  But most of all he just provides me with comfort and keeps away the boogie man.

As a birthday present about 10 years ago my husband found Wally Jr on Ebay.  The show has been off the air since 1985 so I was surprised that he was able to locate him.  I haven’t had to use him yet but he is waiting patiently for his time to be loved.

  Wally Sr. and Wally Jr.


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