None for me, thanks

It comes up every year on our family vacation to Maine.  When you are trying to feed 15 people the same thing there is bound to be someone that doesn’t like something.  I have come a long way with my food aversions.  But I just don’t enjoy a big juicy steak.  So when my father-in-law announces that we are having steak for dinner I always have to think of  a “Plan B.”   I feel like I should be sitting at the kids table.

I can’t remember ever liking it.  It is too tough.  Too much chewing.  I know that all steaks should not be treated the same.  There are many different cuts and seasonings.  But I don’t even know how I like it cooked.  I know how I like my burger cooked, but do you have your steak the same way?  I think of steak as a torture food.  My father would make me sit at the table until I finished my dinner and I would have to eat it cold.  I remember chewing and chewing and chewing.  It became mush.  I would then spit it in my milk thinking I was fooling him and he would make me drink my milk.  You see, it is just a bad memory.

I like my steak in a burrito or a cheese steak.  Something about the thinness of the meat or the cut of beef works for me.

I have many other foods that I just can’t seem to enjoy or have aversions to.

Sauerkraut is at the top of the list.  I can’t get past the smell.  I know I should try it again as an adult but it just makes me squeamish.

I can cook with tomatoes and onions but when I order something and these are an extra I request to have them removed.

The texture and earthiness of mushrooms is another turn off.  I just can’t get past the fact that I am eating dirt.  I know there are so many different kinds of them but I just haven’t developed a taste for them.

Yellow, red, and green peppers.  They take over the flavor of anything you are cooking.  I just don’t like the flavor.  If they are in a sauce or cooked with something I can taste them and I don’t enjoy the meal as much as I would have if they were not in there.

I have a rule when ordering at a restaurant.  If you have to remove more than 3 flavors from a meal than you can’t order it.  I sometimes have a really hard time.  Vegetarian options are difficult because they flavor with many of the foods above.

So this is my short list.  It may explain a lot about your child’s eating habits.  I was the kid that had to have a separate meal made because I only like noodles with cheese whiz and bread.  My mom snuck an egg into my milkshakes so that I would get protein in my diet.  I survived!

Now some people have even referred to me as a foodie.

That makes me laugh every time.





One thought on “None for me, thanks

  1. I love that your least favorite foods are some of my favorites….don’t make fun of me and black beans ever again!

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