What I did on my summer vacation?

“Travel is ninety percent anticipation and ten percent recollection.”  ~Edward Streeter

I am really affected by the time change.  Taking the red eye doesn’t help.  Arrived on a Thursday morning and immediately went to bed.  Thursday was a wash.  Cullinan’s know the routine and made family plans as to not disturb our rest.  So thoughtful.

Friday had the arrival of the Soule Family.  That brings the number to 15.  I have to say it is a bit overwhelming.  But in a good way.  Not the way my step mother-in-law feels.  More love and hugs and kisses.   And games.

I really can’t remember the weekend.  I know there was dinner plans and swimming and reading.  The Red Sox played a game or two.  I went for a walk and so did my sisters-in law.  But we didn’t go together and Sally actually runs.  So one of the highlights was watching my nieces and nephew and sister-in-law dancing to a dance game on the Wii.  It cracked me up.  There was mention of who was wearing the crown or was it the crayon?  I loved the competition for high score.  The whole family went to the pier for lunch.  Papa was feeding the seagulls.  Not the best plan as there was many.  Who wants to reenact the movie The Birds?

The Cullinans departed on Sunday.  Along with my brother-in-law Trip.  And my sister-in-law Marcy stayed until Monday.

We had some rain at the beginning of the week and Jamey and I decided to go candle-pin bowling.  Took Papa along with us to be our cheerleader.  Jamey won all three games but I didn’t lose by much.  Plus Papa was always rooting for me to have a comeback in the last frame.  A good time was had by all.  All that exercise required some lunch.  Where’s my soup?

Went into town to meet up with a friend.  Shopped the shops and enjoyed dinner @ the local bar Jacks.  Our friend Bob was unable to join us but we had a great time eating mussels and shrimp and fish tacos.

We took many drives around town and the beach.  Looking at the changes that have been made and the houses that have gone up for sale.

Drove to Falmouth to meet up with Jamey’s college buddy and his wife.  We enjoyed Andy’s famous fish dish and many laughs.  I tried to explain to Danielle that she didn’t need to keep her Dunkin Donuts receipts from 2008 I am not sure she believed me.

Jamey and I took some great boat rides.  There were many simple pleasures on those trips.

Time is moving to fast.

Jamey had another friend that was on vacation in a nearby town with his fiance.  They stopped by the house and we went to lunch and took them out on the boat.

The rest of the family returns.  It is so hard to feed a family of 15.  You need to start thinking about it at breakfast so you can go to the grocery and get all of the ingredients.  I have no idea how to help as my cooking skills are more in line with preparation.  I am somehow always the topic of conversation because of my food aversions.   I help with the clean up and any salad prep.

The kids are getting older and I enjoyed talking to them and sharing stories.  I also liked learning about their perspective on the world.  Holly and Jamey were given ipads from their school.  How cool is that?  I was envious.

It all went to fast and we didn’t want it to end.  Except for the fact I wanted to sleep in my own bed.  Twin beds are tough.

I know I am missing something.  But the quote said 10% was recollection.





One thought on “What I did on my summer vacation?

  1. I know that I could not vacation like that with so many people. I am glad you enjoy it. The scenery is gorgeous and there is nothing better than family. Now get to VA and vacation for 2 days with me;) HUGS!

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