true purpose

Your true purpose is whatever makes you feel the most joyful.  Try steering towards that.  (this is the first quote I wrote in my quote book and I didn’t write the author down)

This is a subject which comes up frequently for me.  I think of unemployment as an opportunity to change your path.  My career path has been retail however, I never saw this as my destination only a road on my journey.

What gives me great joy?  Lately it has been reading.  Watching the characters evolve, trying to figure out the twist or the ending before it is revealed to me.  But yesterday I realized how much I love reading magazines.  While on my vacation I had my mail placed on hold.  When the mail arrived I had 7 magazines waiting to be opened.  Delivered all at the same time.  I have a technique.  I start with a flip through pre-view.  Read what initially catches my eye and then put it aside.  Start the next one and so on.  When complete I start all over.  Reading feature stories and notes from the editor.  Tagging pages that have product or info I want to research more on the internet.  I also rip out pages to be placed in my inspiration book or for my vision board.  But then I do one more round to see if I missed anything and I put them aside to pass on to others.  I have always brought them into my job and placed them in my break room.  Knowing that several people will enjoy them and so I am doing my part in recycling.  I subscribe to 15 magazines.  From fashion, home decorating, cooking and household tips.  Much to learn and absorb.

Television also gives me great joy.  My husband and I have a few shows that we enjoy watching together.  We save them on the DVR and snuggle on the couch and discuss the shows during and after.  I have other shows I enjoy that my husband would rather watch paint dry then sit and watch them with me.  Similar to my feelings about sports.  I like shows that are inspiring and witty and make you think “How did someone come up with that?”  My range is vast.  Which allows me to connect with different audiences.

I love telling stories.  I saw a Seinfeld episode the other day that really said it all.  It was the “chinese restaurant” episode.  Elaine, Jerry and George are waiting to be seated.  Elaine is so hungry and Jerry dares her to go over to a table and grab an egg roll off a table and start eating it.  This would be the best story to tell people.  Every time you eat chinese food with someone  you would want to share the story of the time the lady came over to your table and took an egg roll and just started eating it.  Not asking.  Not saying a word. Just picking it up and shoving it in her mouth.  I just laugh out loud thinking of it.  I always have a story.  I don’t know if I am open to receiving it or I just like to share the story more.

“Everybody has a story.  And there is something to be shared from every experience.”  ~Oprah

So what is my purpose?  I have no idea.  I guess it all comes down to liking a good story or sharing a good tip.  Being a word spreader.



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