Two is a crowd

I just returned from my summer vacation with my in-laws.  I love my family but the constant invasion of my thoughts and space left my mind cluttered and exhausted.  I treasure solitude.  Time that is inhabited only by me.

I learned a lot about myself this week.  Being able to do whatever I want whenever I want is not the norm.  When you are a parent you have to be constantly aware of what you do and who it will affect.  This may be one of the reasons why I never wanted kids.  I was surrounded by children ranging in age from 9-19 and their parents.  The need for constant answers and entertainment was overwhelming.  One would walk away and another would enter.  If I came down for breakfast after 9 am my greeting was “Good Afternoon.”  Really?   I was the last one to go to bed every night.  By hours.  My mind had difficulty shutting down and I needed this time alone.

So what works for me may not work for you but here are some suggestions to have those sacred minutes.

Create little islands of solitude in your daily life.  Surprise and delight yourself.  Take your lunch outside.  Take a bath.  Put on your favorite song and sing or dance to it.  Enjoy your own company.  Step away from all of the distractions and just do something you want to do for you.

Be on the look out for nooks of time.  Don’t try to fill them with chores.  These are your stolen moments.  Enjoy them!

When it comes to solitude, two is a crowd.


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