simple pleasures

“When times are tough, the way out is in actively noticing new things. The essence of happiness is that feeling of engagement with the world and with other people.”  Ellen Langer

Let us not miss our lives as they are happening.

Look outward- Take a walk and wait for little flashes of discovery in the world.  I call these moments simple pleasures or momentary joys.

The beautiful sunset, the comfort of your warm bed, a text from a friend, a rainbow, the first cup of coffee, a clear star filled night, a full moon, or a rose in bloom.  Whatever your life holds today take a snapshot and remember how you felt in that moment.  Say to yourself…I will enjoy this moment, just as it is.  I will live in this moment, just as it is.

I like to keep a journal of these simple pleasures and remember what I was feeling when they happened.  The simple things can bring much happiness.  We enjoy the simple things for what they are, but for also what they evoke: people we have loved, times of peace and contentment, or the promise the future holds.



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