What is essential?

“It is when you no longer feel the need for money that money will come.”  Rhonda Byrne

I believe this.  For the past 2 years my husband and I have lived off of 1 income plus unemployment wages.  Lucky for us we were eligible for the unemployment max.  Unlucky for us it doesn’t compare to the paycheck we were previously making.  But we have made it work.  Cutting back on the “extras.”  Difficult at first but manageable.

I started working as soon as I could get a work permit.  I wanted to be able to have my own car by the time I was 16 and I knew my father wasn’t going to buy it for me.  On my 16th b-day I had enough money to buy a brand new Ford Festiva.  I loved that car.  The freedom it gave me.  I had to pay for my own car insurance each month and all of my gas.  So I couldn’t stop working.  I had more money than I knew what to do with.  My father was my banker.  He told me I could keep $20 a week for whatever I wanted and the rest had to go into a checking account.  I was making close to $300 a week.  Sometimes more.  I was rolling in dough.

Once I went away to college I didn’t have to get a job because I had a nice little nest egg.  Until I got that stupid speeding ticket.  I didn’t want my dad to know about it so I got a job to pay it off.  I didn’t really like the job so
I worked until I had enough money  to pay my ticket and then I quit.   He still found out because I was on his insurance.  My second year at college I felt like I should find something to keep me busy.  Laying out at the pool and partying wasn’t really going to help me find my career path.  I got some recommendations from my school and picked up a few shifts a week at a retail store.  It was perfect because I was in the store alone and I could work on my homework during downtime.  I made enough money to move out of the dorms and into an apartment.

When I think back to how simple everything was it makes me laugh.  No cell phone or cable tv or internet.  Now those needs add up to one of my unemployment checks.

I am resourceful.  I don’t worry about it because it will all work out.  But the reality is I am working to make it all work out.  I am looking for ways to save a buck.  I clip coupons.  I have put together a few things to sell on Ebay.  I won’t miss any of the the “stuff.”  It is all from another time and place.  I “have” enough and I will wait until the time is right to want more.

I believe that the feeling of needing money comes from the thought that you don’t have enough.  I believe that when it comes to money you can either create the lack of it or the abundance of it.

Abundance is what I will work to create.



One thought on “What is essential?

  1. We were talking about this the other day…we have the same house pmt and such now that we did 10 years ago…when hunter was in daycare, diapers, etc. And we made a lot less money. Where does all the ‘extra’ money go? The more you have, the more you spend. Good job on making it work!

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