chore wars

My husband and I have specific jobs.  You may call them chores or household duties or tasks.  I call them jobs because they are responsibilities that meet our competencies.

Some of them are more gender suited.  For instance, he is responsible for taking out the trash and recycling and I am doing the laundry.  I make lunch and he makes dinner.  I wash the dishes and fill the dishwasher and he starts the dishwasher and empties it.  He takes care of any computer maintenance or charging our many gadgets.  I am in charge of our finances.

This system works for us.  The work never seems lopsided until it comes to cleaning.  Neither one of us got the cleaning gene.  It comes down to making deals with each other then procrastinating or doing a half a*& job.  Then it becomes a BIGGER project that needs tackling.  When we are both employed we will be hiring a service.  I believe my sanity will be restored.

This subject comes up a lot when we get together with our couple friends.  Wife is always more frustrated.  It always comes down to cleaning.  Always!  I feel this way, if you are going to fight about cleaning then cut back somewhere else in your spending and hire somebody to come in and do it.  Neatness is different from cleanliness.  It may not be clean enough to eat off of but it makes easier for someone else to clean.


One thought on “chore wars

  1. we do the same thing but right down to the cleaning too. we both love the way it looks and smells in our home on sunday around 11am:) 21 days to form that habit;) HA!

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