Customer Service

I have to go to the bank every two weeks to deposit my unemployment check.  I have to walk into the bank and sign the check in front of the teller.  What would seem to others as the best customer service makes me not want to bank there anymore?  Here is why…

It begins the second I open my car door.  Upon arrival at the bank the parking lot attendant greets me with eye contact and a warm “Hello.”  Once I enter the bank I am accosted with good cheer.  “HELLO! And blah, blah, blah!”  There is never more than 3 people in line.  Which is fantastic!  There is a line coordinator that swings around and asks if I have a straight deposit and then I am shuffled off  from the line and we complete the transaction at his/her desk.  Small talk ensues.  “How long have you been unemployed?  What business were you in?  How about this heat?”  I am thinking…I don’t know you!  This is the first time I have ever met you.  Just finish the transaction so I can get the heck out of here.  All of this attentiveness makes me very uncomfortable.  I feel like this is how they keep the bank robbers at bay.

If there isn’t a line I am directed right away to the open teller.  Actually all of the tellers are ready to assist, with smiles.  I sign the back of the check and hand them both my deposit slip and check.  Always  a comment about the weather or something I am wearing.  Small talk.  Transaction takes less than a minute.  Once my transaction ends and I get a smiley face stamp and “Have a great day!”  I count the steps as I walk to the exit and someone rushes to the door to hold it open for me.  This happens every time!  “Have a great day!”  UGGH!

So this week I decided to try another branch.  I wanted to see if this is the companies customer service standard.  I have to say, I received what I would consider quick and friendly service at this location.  It wasn’t like walking into Disneyland.  Their approach was definitely not “customer service on speed.”

I have worked in the customer service industry my entire career.  I have worked for companies that are leaders in the industry.  I have been to training seminars to make sure we are doing it their way.  Heck, I have conducted those trainings.  I understand the principles of customer service.  However, I like to be left alone.  I will accept your greeting upon entry. This lets me know that you know I exist.  You can give me your name.   I want to know that someone is available if I need them. I am the kind of person that likes to ask  questions when I am ready.  This is the time for you to use your sales pitch but don’t overdo it because I am on to your up-selling.  I just want the basics, Friendly, Knowledgeable and Quick!

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.  ~Peter Drucker


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