Monday Blues

On Friday nights the world is full of possibilities. Free for the whole weekend, you can do whatever you want. But by Sunday afternoon there is a small white cloud on the horizon; the storm is coming, your freedom is about to end. By dinner time the cloud is bigger and darker, and by night-time, the whole sky is black.  This is because you know the next day it is back to the daily grind.

I have never known what this meant until recently.  Weekends off is not something I was familiar with.

My career has always managed my life.  Blackout dates managed when and for how long I could take a vacation.  I chose to split my days off so I wouldn’t be away from work for too long.  I have learned that you need this time with your family and your soul.  The act of planning an event or relaxing keeps you going through the week day.  It gives your life balance.

On “my next chapter” weekends will be a must.



One thought on “Monday Blues

  1. We call this Sunday Night Blues. Hunter and I always lay together and read before our lights out. He ALWAYS says, “I hate Sundays” during this time. Not that he hates Sundays…generally we have really good Sundays…he just hates that it’s the end of the weekend and we adore that time together. I often think it’d be nice to have a day off during the week…to run errands when everyone else was at work, but I cherish the 2.5 days that we have as a unit. Before school was out on 6/16, we only had 2 open weekends for the rest of the summer…and there are even some weekends planned in Oct already. You must not live to work but work to live. Balance in everything. I’m glad you are taking so much away from this chapter and process you are enduring. Very proud of you. Love, me PS- ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND

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