I received another generic turndown e-mail today.  They will keep my application on file for a year and if any positions open up that meet my qualifications they will consider my application.  I was really interested in this job.  If you matched my qualifications to their needs we were a perfect match.  Whatever!  I am not going to loose sleep over it because I am sure the right career is out there waiting for me.

I have many unemployed friends right now.  It makes me sad that they struggle in so many ways.  I don’t really feel like I am struggling.  I know my money is running out.  I know that should be stressing me out like it is everyone else.  I went from never looking at the balance in my checking account to monitoring it on a monthly basis to monitoring it on a weekly basis.  Pretty soon it will be a daily event.  I have done almost everything I can do to make cuts in my life style.  I know I could do more to cut back but I don’t want to live in solitary confinement.

The turndown letter just gives me hope.  It is really weird how I play it out in my head.  For some reason I am meant to have this summer doing what I want when I want.  I am still job hunting Monday-Friday.  I keep a schedule for my sanity because I like a list.  Job Hunt-Check, Lunch-Check, Bank-Check, Gym-Check… I don’t want to just lie around eating bon-bons and watching television.  I could do that.  Who would know?

When I get my next interview I want them to know I haven’t wasted this time away.  That for every turndown letter I got I read a blog or an article about what I should have done different or how to improve my chances.  I know the answers already.  I read nothing new to aide me.  Unless the thousands of people that are applying for the same jobs as me suddenly leave the area my only chance of getting a job is to keep on applying!




One thought on “turndown

  1. Your outlook has amazed me through this process. I was scared for you the day you called to tell me that IT had happened. I know that you had prepared for the layoff, but still thought you had weeks to prepare for the finality of it. I know you’re strong, but this is crazy strong! I am impressed and proud of you for taking this opportunity as a benefit. I told you that first day…you will never ever be given the gift of time and to start checking things off of the list that always seems to grow. And you have. Good girl. Now….get a friggin job and buy a plane ticket and come visit me! HA! I love you….always and forever. Job or no job.

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