singing in the rain

I thought I was a good singer until a few years ago.  My husband finally told me that I wasn’t as good as I thought I was.  I told him that I sang in the choir from Elementary School thru High School.  I had solos.  I had a lead part in the school musical.  I tried to plead my case.  I always thought that marrying a musician would get me in his band.  I married a musician and he won’t have me.  I know I am not going to win American Idol but saying I can’t sing was devastating.

My mother used to make us watch musicals in the summer.  I know a lot of the songs.  My husband says that I sound like Ethel Merman because I like to belt them out.  You know when a phrase comes up in conversation and it makes you think of a song?  Well I just sing the song with gusto.  Can’t hate a girl for trying.

I think I am making my husband sound like a mean person.  I am grateful for his honesty.  Really.

I won’t stop singing.  I won’t let my feelings get hurt when the dogs start howling.




2 thoughts on “singing in the rain

  1. OK, first reply on your blog (cause when I try at home it comes up as you replying to yourself). This makes me sound like a real jerk, and it isn’t entirely true. I have said that some of the songs you’ve sung in the car etc. sounded off, and that you constantly make up new words to songs, but don’t make it out like I’m some horrible person who has forbidden you to sing for the rest of your life. That’s crazy. Also, I don’t have a band, and I never said I wouldn’t have you if I did, just that I see you as more likely to be playing the electric bass guitar.

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