My daily bread

I have a very close relationship with bread.  It is one of my longest relationships.  I was a picky eater growing up.  But I remember the bread.

Thanksgiving rolls.  Great in the toaster oven with a dab of butter on the top.  But then fresh out of the oven and a small piece of turkey and more butter.  Hamburgers on potato rolls.  I never understood why no one else’s hamburgers were as good as my mothers. It was the rolls.  Cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster.  I picked Red Lobster for my birthday dinners growing up so that I could have the biscuits.  I love them!  I now know how many calories they have and it has ruined it for me.  There was this restaurant in my town growing up called Black Eyed Pea.  Assorted breads like corm bread and wheat rolls with honey butter.  No reason to save room for dessert,  I will just eat another roll.  Sourdough in San Francisco.  Something about that environment makes the bread delicious.  Chowder in a bread bowl.  Eggs and toast.  Sandwiches a plenty.  Seriously delicious.  I would be in trouble if I lived there.  Split top Lobster Rolls.  New Englanders know what they are doing with that one.

Through the years I have realized that bread makes the sandwich, burger, hoagie/sub.  I have also realized I can’t have a meal without it.

I wish there wasn’t consequences for eating all of this bread.  I know I wish I was able to “Just say NO!”


One thought on “My daily bread

  1. I love bread too. I judge restaurants by the bread served. I could NEVER give it up. If I woke up tomorrow, and had a gluten allergy, I would cry for a long time. Bread is my weakness. No Atkins Diet here;)

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