I asked the Universe for time.  I begged the Universe for time.  The Universe told me something had to give…

Now that I have time it seems as if nobody else has time.  Or they don’t want to use their time on me.  I don’t take it personally.  I am not extending invitations.  Lack of money does that.   My friend Villa and I have built a better relationship because we make an appointment to walk together 3 days a week.  We live close so this is an easy appointment to keep.  And selfishly it helps me too.

My husband and I get so much time together that he complains about no “alone” time.  I understand this completely because I used to get up at 5am to have my “alone” time before I went to work.  I have started giving him his time.

Using my time wisely sometimes becomes a challenge.  I don’t really know who coined that phrase and who’s decision is it to qualify time well spent.  But right now in my life I have time to relax.  To take things slow.  I am enjoying that.  A typical day for me is not jammed pack with must dos.  I am working on myself.  Reading, exercising, meditating and some days I might decide to do the laundry, cook dinner or clean the bathroom.  Don’t judge me on how I spend my time.  Job hunting is stressful.  The job description may look great and then it only pays minimum wage.  You send out 100 resumes and get no responses.  You finally get an interview and then you don’t get the job.  It is a roller coaster ride.  Messes with your psyche.

I have learned that the time I have been given is a gift and I am not going to waste one minute.

Thank you Universe for the gift of time.


One thought on “timing

  1. I like your attitude. I wish it wasn’t stressful for you and I wish that you were on your way to that golden dream….and I know you are…but it’s just not on your time:) It will happen..but in the meantime, just go thru that list you’ve been making for years…never again (I HOPE) will you be given this gift of time…until you’re old and retired. I appreciate you and respect you and wish you were here to share time with. Hugs today and always, me

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