virtual shopping

I find myself still craving the rush of a buy.  Since being laid off I have found myself filling shopping carts with all of the things that catch my eye.  Not worrying about price, but on pieces that would work with existing items in my wardrobe, ones that would work for a future event or just has great color, detail and design.  I think by doing this it keeps me in touch with current trends.  I know which items flatter my body shape.  I may not know the sizing on some of the newer sites I have “shopped” with but I make estimated guesses based off of their measurement charts.

This way of shopping helps with the mental breakdowns you sometimes get in the dressing room.   I have several thousands of dollars in shopping carts.  I like it when I get reminders from the websites that say “Forgot something?  You still have merchandise in your cart.”  This gives me the opportunity to check out if things are still appealing.  Have they lost their appeal?  A second look.

The best thing about this method is I never get buyers remorse.


One thought on “virtual shopping

  1. I like this…but would be afraid I’d eventually pull out the cc. I would like to see a couple of your carts…

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