Interview Tips

Today I had my first interview since my lay off.  Yesterday was more stressful. What to wear?  I needed shoes that would work with multiple outfits.  DSW was my savior.  I loved the outfit I wore today.  It was fashionable without being trendy.  Feminine without being too girly.  The shoes pulled the whole outfit together and I have 2 other outfits they will work with!   What I really want to tell you is that when I tried the outfit on last night I did it without Spanx.  This morning the Spanx made my skirt too big.  It kept turning.  I needed the Spanx so I went with a spinning skirt.

If you have a few days before your interview, I recommend using Crest Whitening for your teeth.  It is a small thing that holds a big impact.  You will want to smile!

My resume looks great.  I went with the CV (Curriculum Vitae) format.   I had never heard of that format before recently.  My friend Dina forwarded my resume to her friend Lisa.  Lisa e-mail her back with her resume attached and a note for me to use this format because this is what executives use in the industry now.  Who knew?  This format allowed me to really show my growth from position to position.   I forwarded my resume back to Lisa.  Lisa couldn’t believe the transformation and when she showed it to her HR department they said the same thing.  The person that interviewed me today also commented how great my resume was.  I like to talk about myself so knowing this is the first impression I am golden.  I printed it on colored resume paper.  I guess you don’t have to do that anymore but I like that my resume will stand out in the stack.

I couldn’t believe the traffic this morning.   I mean, I could believe it as I live in Los Angles and it comes with the territory.  I forgot to get gas before I left and I was driving with my fuel light on.  Not my finest moment I must admit.  I get to my destination and there was no public parking lot.  Street parking is only for 1 hour.  I was going to be late and I was going to take my chances with getting a ticket.  Fingers crossed!  Sweating!  Unprepared!  I needed a moment before I went in.  I took 5 and I was late for my interview.  I walked into the office and the interviewer came right out.  I was his first interview.  He made no comment about my tardiness.  Whew!

I reviewed the job description several times so I could use their jargon when describing myself.  The company was listed as “confidential” so I couldn’t do any research.

Practice your salary requirements line over and over so you speak with confidence.  I also did a search on to find out the median range for this type of job.  I was confident and he didn’t flinch.

Additional questions…This was easy for me.  But here are some suggestions just in case your mind goes blank.  Day in the life,  dress code requirements,  benefits package, it is better to ask something than not.  I don’t think you should ask salary during the first interview.  It makes me think that money is the only thing you care about.  It is important, don’t get me wrong but benefits are a good gauge for you as well.  Final question should be when should I expect to hear about the position?

By the way, the interview went well.  I am expecting a call next week to meet with the owner of the company.


One thought on “Interview Tips

  1. No doubt you rocked it. I believe in you. I cannot wait to hear more about this journey. Always a rock star!

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