Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Festival

I get home sick this time of year.  It’s the Cherry Blossoms.  The smell in the air.  The simple pleasure of driving down a street with all of them in bloom.  A few years ago I made it back for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.  I dragged my sister, my nephew and husband to the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I don’t think they understood it was about the beauty of the trees.  It was hot and we were hungry and they weren’t really excited by it all.  I took a ton of pictures because I thought I would print them and frame them for a nice look in my bedroom.  I never did that.  Since my lay off many things have gone on my list of to-do’s and I am putting this on it right now.

Stop and smell the Cherry Blossoms!


One thought on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. I loved that day…but it was not pain free…in a boot, a week before surgery, with a sudden injury to my other big toe. Very weird feeling of pain that day. But I love the pics I have…of all of us and the nuns playing frisbee!!!

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