virtual shopping

I find myself still craving the rush of a buy.  Since being laid off I have found myself filling shopping carts with all of the things that catch my eye.  Not worrying about price, but on pieces that would work with existing items in my wardrobe, ones that would work for a future event or just has great color, detail and design.  I think by doing this it keeps me in touch with current trends.  I know which items flatter my body shape.  I may not know the sizing on some of the newer sites I have “shopped” with but I make estimated guesses based off of their measurement charts.

This way of shopping helps with the mental breakdowns you sometimes get in the dressing room.   I have several thousands of dollars in shopping carts.  I like it when I get reminders from the websites that say “Forgot something?  You still have merchandise in your cart.”  This gives me the opportunity to check out if things are still appealing.  Have they lost their appeal?  A second look.

The best thing about this method is I never get buyers remorse.



Next week will mark my 11 year wedding anniversary.  Jamey and I have been together for a total of 17 years.  If you do the math that would tell you we dated for 6 years.

My proposal:

Jamey and I had returned from our summer vacation in Maine and I had to go back to work the next day. Upon my return home from work I plopped down on the sofa and put my feet up and Jamey said “I finished unpacking and found something in my carry on.”  As he was walking into the bedroom I replied, “Is it an engagement ring?”  He stopped at the doorway and as he went to get the ring he thought I had snooped and found the ring.  When he came back to the living room he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  When he opened up the ring box I was shocked.  I didn’t really think that there was an engagement ring, it was just something I hoped for after 5 years of dating.  After asking “Where did you get this?  How did you get this?”  He said, “What is your answer?”  I said “Yes!  Yes! Yes!”  Many kisses to follow.  Then the phone calls to family and friends.

The Preparation:

We picked a date and I started the process of looking for dresses, asking my bridesmaids, and budgeting so that we could afford it.  It started to become everyone else’s wedding and we were loosing ourselves in their suggestions.  Neither of us are religious but it was suggested we marry in a church.  Umm, no!  Suggestions that we invite this person and that person.  “It’s our wedding!!!  I wanted less than 50 people. our head count was over 70.”  So in the spring of 2000 we needed to start putting deposits down for a November 4th nuptial.  Hurricane season is over and the heat isn’t so bad in south Florida.  I was getting stressed out because we were also looking to buy a condo and I knew we couldn’t spend any money prior to closing on our house to make sure we secured the loan.  I expressed my concerns with Jamey and we discussed changing venues, thinking of a more affordable dress, etc…

The Surprise:

Jamey came to me and asked, “Why don’t we elope?”  He went through a list of whys and I then I started to think about it seriously.  We started dating on May 1st and we were planning on going away for a long weekend anyway.  It just seemed like the best option.   On Wednesday we went to get our wedding license on our lunch break.  My friend Michael picked out Jamey’s outfit.  Linen shirt and light blue chinos and flips. I got my hair and nails done and I went off the rack dress shopping and couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find something that fit that was short.  It took 2 days to find something suitable.  We were planning on leaving on Friday morning and Thursday night we went shopping and found both of our rings.  Jamey wanted something creative and cool and I wanted something to fit with my engagement ring.  I already had a style in mind, I just needed to find it.  The jewelry exchange had so many selections.  It made it so difficult.  But I found what I was looking for.  He did too!

Only a few local people knew what was going to happen this weekend.  They were instrumental in helping us pull this off.  On our way to our wedding destination (Key West) we called our families to let them know.  My maid of honor was so mad she hung up the phone on me.

Once we arrived at the hotel Jamey told the guest services person that we were eloping this weekend. She upgraded our room and she gave us a bottle of champagne on our weeding night.  On Saturday we scouted locations and found a photographer and a notary to perform the service.  We also spent time lounging on the beach and enjoyed the sites.  Everything was falling into place.  We just needed a witness.  we asked the guest service person to help us out.  She volunteered and switched her schedule around because we were getting married at sunset the next day.

Our Wedding:

The wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect.  My hair stylist had told me to put some waves in my hair so I spent a lot of time with the curling iron.  To this day whenever I curl my hair Jamey calls it wedding head.  The day seemed to last forever.  And we enjoyed every bit of it.  We ran out of bottled water so we went to the grocery store to pick up some chugs and I turned the corner and they had a florist kiosk filled with purple tulips.  I now have a bouquet.  I had given up on that but there was no need.  They presented themselves to me.  Everything was done.  We just needed to get dressed and get to the location before the sunset.

Our ceremony lasted less than 3 minutes.  The photographer stayed and took pictures of us in all of the creative backdrops.  Until the last light left.  200 pictures and she handed the rolls over to us.

Can’t forget about dinner.  Lobster of course.

The day was perfect.  All we needed was each other.  That is all you ever need.  Just us 2.

Interview Tips

Today I had my first interview since my lay off.  Yesterday was more stressful. What to wear?  I needed shoes that would work with multiple outfits.  DSW was my savior.  I loved the outfit I wore today.  It was fashionable without being trendy.  Feminine without being too girly.  The shoes pulled the whole outfit together and I have 2 other outfits they will work with!   What I really want to tell you is that when I tried the outfit on last night I did it without Spanx.  This morning the Spanx made my skirt too big.  It kept turning.  I needed the Spanx so I went with a spinning skirt.

If you have a few days before your interview, I recommend using Crest Whitening for your teeth.  It is a small thing that holds a big impact.  You will want to smile!

My resume looks great.  I went with the CV (Curriculum Vitae) format.   I had never heard of that format before recently.  My friend Dina forwarded my resume to her friend Lisa.  Lisa e-mail her back with her resume attached and a note for me to use this format because this is what executives use in the industry now.  Who knew?  This format allowed me to really show my growth from position to position.   I forwarded my resume back to Lisa.  Lisa couldn’t believe the transformation and when she showed it to her HR department they said the same thing.  The person that interviewed me today also commented how great my resume was.  I like to talk about myself so knowing this is the first impression I am golden.  I printed it on colored resume paper.  I guess you don’t have to do that anymore but I like that my resume will stand out in the stack.

I couldn’t believe the traffic this morning.   I mean, I could believe it as I live in Los Angles and it comes with the territory.  I forgot to get gas before I left and I was driving with my fuel light on.  Not my finest moment I must admit.  I get to my destination and there was no public parking lot.  Street parking is only for 1 hour.  I was going to be late and I was going to take my chances with getting a ticket.  Fingers crossed!  Sweating!  Unprepared!  I needed a moment before I went in.  I took 5 and I was late for my interview.  I walked into the office and the interviewer came right out.  I was his first interview.  He made no comment about my tardiness.  Whew!

I reviewed the job description several times so I could use their jargon when describing myself.  The company was listed as “confidential” so I couldn’t do any research.

Practice your salary requirements line over and over so you speak with confidence.  I also did a search on to find out the median range for this type of job.  I was confident and he didn’t flinch.

Additional questions…This was easy for me.  But here are some suggestions just in case your mind goes blank.  Day in the life,  dress code requirements,  benefits package, it is better to ask something than not.  I don’t think you should ask salary during the first interview.  It makes me think that money is the only thing you care about.  It is important, don’t get me wrong but benefits are a good gauge for you as well.  Final question should be when should I expect to hear about the position?

By the way, the interview went well.  I am expecting a call next week to meet with the owner of the company.

Fashion Emergency

I was invited to a Jack and Jill baby shower.  I wasn’t really concerned with what to wear until the day of the party.  It was definitely chilly outside.  But sunny.  Would it be warmer on the west side?  I had no idea.  I opted to wear a sweater instead of a dress.  Once I arrived I felt completely over layered.  I was definitely without a chill.  All of the ladies were wearing a sundresses with sandals.  LA style.  I definitely need to get out more.  I am out of touch from working in furniture for too long.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Festival

I get home sick this time of year.  It’s the Cherry Blossoms.  The smell in the air.  The simple pleasure of driving down a street with all of them in bloom.  A few years ago I made it back for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.  I dragged my sister, my nephew and husband to the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I don’t think they understood it was about the beauty of the trees.  It was hot and we were hungry and they weren’t really excited by it all.  I took a ton of pictures because I thought I would print them and frame them for a nice look in my bedroom.  I never did that.  Since my lay off many things have gone on my list of to-do’s and I am putting this on it right now.

Stop and smell the Cherry Blossoms!

Ultimate Viewer

How many people do you know that took notes during Oprah’s Master Class?

Learn from every experience.

Life is about growth and change.

You become what you believe.

You are not alone.

I believe that she is an inspiration.   I just think she has a beautiful spirit and I feel I am a better person from watching The Oprah Winfrey Show.