KPT-Summers in Maine

Summer Home

My husband is from New England.  I never had the opportunity to see the inside of his childhood home, however I have experienced his “summer” home.

The first time I was invited to meet his family I was really scared.  I dieted and exercised more than I ever wanted to.  I knew I would be in a bathing suit and I wasn’t sure if his family would judge me for those 5 extra pounds I was holding on to.  They didn’t.

To describe Grey Gull as awe inspiring doesn’t even do it justice.  The view is extraordinary.  The vibe is completely laid back.  The weather is perfect.  The food, well let’s just say nothing really compares to seafood in Maine.  My favorite past time is to sit in an adirondack chair while reading my Kindle.  I also enjoy taking a boat ride with my husband along the cross creek,  cruising through all the lobstah boats and ending up over near the light house.  The past couple of years I was up at sunrise taking a 5 mile walk along the coast and through the town.  The sea air and the views got me ready for the day ahead.  Great for your spirit and good for your soul.

Turbats Creek



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