The world is my stage.

This is an ad for Horizon & Co.   I like it!  It has been hanging on my bulletin board for over 2 years.

Moments are like pearls.  Your life is a string.  Make of it what you will.  Remember, it’s not just how long you live, it’s how much.  Ask yourself this question everyday: Would anyone buy a ticket to see the movie of your life?

Project your life’s story onto the big screen.  Make it epic & sad & funny & tender & outrageous.  Be a hero, fight the bad guys, get the girl.  Triumph against adversity, struggle for peace, save the world.  Make it colorful & spectacular & dramatic.  Add your own special effects, give it dolby sorround, & shoot on location whenever possible.  Give starring roles to thoise you love & cameos to everyone else.  Make it unique & fill it with unexpected plot twists.  Add subtitles in a romance language & score it with original music.  Create your own masterpiece.  Why shouldn’t you have the life that you always dreamt of, the one deep down inside?  You should.

You’re the director, You’re the star.  You’ll get the credit.  No regrets.  Go now.  Live in the moment.


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