I was watching TV the other night and an advertisement came on with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi describing this movie.  It really wasn’t on my radar but I thought the message was great!

When you are cozy in comfort in your own home it is important to get out there every once in awhile and see the world.  Stop at a few out of the way places.  Hang out with some of the locals.  Get back to nature.  Just take a moment to slow down and enjoy the sites.

Traveling out of your comfort zone.  Jamey and I do this all the time.  we call it exploring.




KPT-Summers in Maine

Summer Home

My husband is from New England.  I never had the opportunity to see the inside of his childhood home, however I have experienced his “summer” home.

The first time I was invited to meet his family I was really scared.  I dieted and exercised more than I ever wanted to.  I knew I would be in a bathing suit and I wasn’t sure if his family would judge me for those 5 extra pounds I was holding on to.  They didn’t.

To describe Grey Gull as awe inspiring doesn’t even do it justice.  The view is extraordinary.  The vibe is completely laid back.  The weather is perfect.  The food, well let’s just say nothing really compares to seafood in Maine.  My favorite past time is to sit in an adirondack chair while reading my Kindle.  I also enjoy taking a boat ride with my husband along the cross creek,  cruising through all the lobstah boats and ending up over near the light house.  The past couple of years I was up at sunrise taking a 5 mile walk along the coast and through the town.  The sea air and the views got me ready for the day ahead.  Great for your spirit and good for your soul.

Turbats Creek


“Nodes” aka Social Network

My New Years Resolution was a pretty difficult one for me.

Accept more invitations.

It seems simple enough, but it has been a true stepping out of the box type of commitment.  I have had a few invitations so far this year that I wasn’t really interested in attending but took the step towards a better me.

Since my recent lay off I really had to take a giant leap.  My sister has a high school friend that lives in the area.  My sister decided to set us up on a “friend date.”  My husband was getting ready to return back to the workforce and I was going to be left to my own devices.   Bethany messaged me and invited me to an evening social event.  She told me 50-60 people would be attending.  My first instinct was “No way!”  But the timing couldn’t have been better.   I was laid off the same day as the invite.  It was the push I needed to start networking.  I don’t really “know” Bethany.  I mean, we went to High School together.  Her brother and I were in the same grade and she and my sister were in the same grade.  I figured if she got along with my sister than there was a good chance she and I would get along.  I had a great time.  I mingled.  I shared stories.  I held my own.

I don’t know why I don’t like social engagements.  I like to talk.  I like to talk a lot.  I like to share what I know about whatever the topic is.  I am very curious about things.  If the topic strikes my fancy I will ask questions until I am satisfied.  I don’t like to be around people that I don’t share a common interest with.

Tonight I venture out again.  I am looking forward to it.

I get to show off my new shirt.


Small Steps, Big Change

A couple of years ago I decided to start bringing my lunch to work.  My schedule was 8:30a-5:30p.   I was not thinking about food until I was told that I had become a grumpus.

My first idea was a salad.  A little more work to prepare than a sandwich but fresh and delicious and healthy.    So I set my alarm 20 minutes earlier and added this into my daily routine.  21 days to a new behavior.  I found myself looking forward to my lunch everyday.  The way it made me feel afterwards.  I began scheduling my lunch at 1pm and would have my lunch at my desk.  Apparently people didn’t realize I was “out to lunch” and kept interrupting my lunch and I wouldn’t finish it.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I need to get away from the work.  I began eating my lunch in the breakroom with my team.  I built teams and partnerships in that room.  I got to know my staff on a more personal level.  They were shocked that I brought the same thing to eat everyday.  I told them that it tasted good and it makes me feel good, so why not? They would be eating fast food and drinking soda.  Bad choices.  I wouldn’t say anything to them about their choices but sitting next to me they felt ashamed at their choices.  Slowly a shift began to happen.  More lunches were being made.  Suggestions were being shared about dinner recipes and snacks.

When my opinion was asked, I would tell them a big step would be to  stop drinking soda.  Sugary foods stimulate a release of dopamine, a brain chemical associated with both pleasure and addiction, and for anyone who’s used to getting a big hit of sugar every day, it takes a while to stop craving that chemical rush.  You can’t expect to transform your taste buds overnight.  Fortunately, the less of these foods you eat, the less your brain will demand them.  It worked.  The vending machine care taker actually made a comment to me on several occasions that I was hurting his business.

Look at what foods you are eating everyday and  try to add different healthier versions into your diet.  For instance, swap white rice for brown rice.  You may not prefer it at first but after a few times you become adjusted to the taste and know that it is a better option for you.  Give the new choice 5 tries before moving on.

Add more variety to your diet.  Start learning one new recipe a week.  Add some variety.  If you eat burgers for lunch everyday why not make a steak for dinner and bring some to work the next day in a different variation.  Add more vegetables, fish or chicken to your diet.  Fresh vegetables are the best option for a healthier you, but frozen vegetables are a close second and so easy to prepare!

Use your current motivation to take control of your nutritional environment, you can turn a healthier way of life into the path of least resistance.

So here’s the challenge. Every day make one smart food choice.

Small Steps, Big Change

What to wear, or not

I watched several episodes of  “What Not To Wear” today.  I have learned a lot from Clinton and Stacy.  I follow many of their rules when dressing myself.  I have had an interest in fashion since my sophomore year in high school.  I never really knew how to dress my body.  I foolishly followed trends.  Bad trends.  It wasn’t until I began working at Banana Republic, that I knew what clothes could do to transform my body.   Accentuate the positives and disguise the negatives.   I have a style.  Basics with flair.  I get complimented almost everyday on something I am wearing or how I am wearing it or how I look.  It makes me walk with confidence.  I am self aware.  I don’t like to wear anything that makes me have to fidget or fuss.  I like to wear color.  I know what colors look good on me because of the amount of compliments I get when wearing them.  I know that being fashionable is a choice.  I made that choice and I wish more people would do the same.

Ask, Believe, Receive

This morning my first thought was of the Mega Millions lottery.  The estimated jackpot is $244,000,000.

Oh, the lives I could change with that amount of money.

Once my husband arrived to work he texted me to remind me to get our tickets.

I know that this is a wish for many people.  It has been a wish of mine for a long time.  In 5 years I think we have only missed buying a ticket on 2 days.

Today I will pay attention to intuitive messages, synchronicities, signs form the Universe to assure that I am on the right path.



I have worked so that I can live.

In some ways, work is just like marriage; we do it for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

It is a relationship of many.

Being laid off has taught me that although I got satisfaction out of my job, it is the relationships I miss.  I miss the break room conversations.  I miss the morning one minute meetings.  I miss complaining about wearing an apron.

I knew it was coming.  I wasn’t prepared.  The loss of relationships has been the biggest challenge.  The work itself did not fill my soul.  It did not boost my spirit. It did not foster creativity.  So for that, I am grateful that I was released into industry.

I have started setting new goals for myself.  I put myself on a schedule.  I am taking care of my soul.  I am living!